The Distant Echo by Val McDermid

I read this book few years ago however I found myself feeling the need to read it again.

distant echo

You see I recently read, and reviewed Out Of Bounds, which was proclaimed as the latest Karen Pirie novel. Checking inside the book it said the that The Distant Echo was the first Pirie novel, and yet I had no recollection of even seeing Pirie’s name, let alone her featuring in the book. I even began to question whether or not I’d actually read the book at all.

Had I just read the sleeve overview and thought I’d read it?!?

So as you can see, I had to read it again.

As I got into it I began to realise I had indeed read it, but that didn’t stop me continuing because it didn’t take long before I found myself fully absorbed with the story.

The Distant Echo begins with 4 long-term friends, all university students at St Andrews, stumbling across a young bar lassie called Rosie who’d been raped, stabbed, and left to die in a graveyard on a freezing cold winters night. The friends, Gilly, Ziggy, Weird and Mondo become the prime suspects and their lives change irrevocably as a result of finding poor Rosie.

25 years later and Rosie’s case is revisited by the Cold Case Review team. Finally, with the development of DNA technology the 4 friends, now men, might be proved innocent, however things don’t work out that way. Vital evidence carrying DNA that could exonerate the 4 men goes missing. On top of that our 4 friends find their lives in mortal danger as a new foe comes out of the woodwork.

McDermid once again weaves her story telling magic. The Distant Echo is one of those books that grabs you by the guts, and before you realise what’s going on, you’ve done that, I’ll just read another chapter routine several times on the trot, when really you should have gone to sleep an hour or two ago.

So – my advice – don’t read this book before bed.

Not because it’s scary… more because the damn thing won’t let you put it down.

distant echo3

You can find the book on Amazon here. It will probably have this newer cover-

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