When by Daniel H. Pink

If you’re like me and you like books that make you reflect on your own life and how youwhen live, then you’ll probably like this book. As the title and strapline indicate, this book is all about timing and the scientific findings of Chronobiology, or biological rhythms.

Don’t let the words ‘science’ and ‘chronobiology’ put you off. This is not a technical book written in jargonic gibberish. (I think I just made a new word – jargonic!)

It’s written for everyday people like me and such is easy  to understand and flows well.

It contains some fascinating insights like

  • when your thinking is operating at peak efficiency
  • when best to drink coffee
  • the science behind napping, and also how to use coffee to get the best of out a nap
  • how to manage breaks in your workload, and,
  • how to make the best of Beginnings, Mid Points and Endings.

Those were a few salient points for me, and there’s so much more. My personal copy is filled with post-it note book marks with key points written on them, because it is one of those books I’ll want to refer back to.

The book is well written with great anecdotes and stories behind the research and scientific findings. For those who are more research orientated there is a list of references at the back.

So, as I say, if you like books that make you think and refelct on your own life and your own practices, then this may well be one of those books you find useful.

I bought a hardback copy with some book tokens I got for Christmas. I didn’t even know they still made book tokens. Anyway, you can also find it in various formats on Amazon here.

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