Being Indie by Eeva Lancaster

I bought this book thinking that afterwards I’d know how to be a kick-ass, artefactbeing indie finding archaeologist, running from large rolling boulders and dodging poison darts.

But no.

It’s actually a book about being an Independent Author in the self publishing industry.

Damn 😉

Okay, joking aside…

I bought this because I have ideas for books I’d like to write them publish. I also write a blog about my erotic exploits and I thought I might turn some of those into a book one day too.

But I’m a total rookie in this field.

I follow some wonderful writers on Twitter and many of those have been really helpful when it comes to sharing tips, personal experience and insights, however that information is somewhat dispersed and unfocused. I wanted a one stop shop. A single source of key information that I could refer to at the different stages of my journey down the independent publishing path, and in Being Indie I think I’ve found it.

Being Indie is a punchy self-help, step by step guide to the world of self publishing, and because I’m a little untrusting initially, I validated some of the author’s claims by asking what my aforementioned Twitter friends have experienced, and it all stood up.

The book is well written and easy to follow. Eeva uses some personal anecdotes which helps the writing flow and stops it from being dry.

For me there’s nothing worse that when someone writes an advice book, but doesn’t follow it themselves. I find it reassuring that whilst Eeva lets you know about mistakes she’s made on her own journey, she does indeed follow her own advice – you can validate that by checking what she says about book covers and comparing it to this very book.

Personally I found this a very useful read, and I have no doubt I will be referring back to it as I progress. I’d recommend this to anyone interested in or already in the field.

You can find the book on Amazon here.

You can find more by Eeva here.

You follow Eeva on Twitter here.

You can follow me on Twitter here.

You can find my erotica blog here.


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